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Daily Kos' The Brief

Jul 28, 2021

On this week's The Brief we replay our episode with Matt Hildreth, the Executive Director of, a national "boldly progressive and proudly rural" organization based in Columbus, Ohio, working locally and nationally to build a rural America that is empowered, thriving, and fair. And Daily...

Jul 21, 2021

Democrats have long considered the rural vote as completely unchangeable. Are we wrong about that? Are rural values aligned with those of the Democratic Party? How can we change our messaging to appeal to rural voters without losing our progressive ideals? J.D. Scholten and John Ray join us in conversation on how the...

Jul 14, 2021

Longtime Daily Kos readers might remember Emily Cain, as she was a Daily Kos-backed candidate for Maine’s 2nd congressional district in 2014 and 2016—the swingy rural Maine district that Democrats currently hold, but was won by Donald Trump in both his presidential races. We’ll talk to Cain about Emily’s List...

Jul 7, 2021

Today, Markos and Kerry speak with polling guru Drew Linzer. Linzer is the Director of Civiqs, a nationally representative online survey panel for creating scientific, real-time public opinion research.